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Important: Do Not invest in Gold & Diamond Jewelry. (Click Here)

Gold bullion continues to be the preferred albeit 'classical' alternative to holding cash (currencies) especially when the stock market, currencies & the economy is volatile. SA Bullion Exchange (Official) The SA Bullion Exchange™ & RMR® Royal Mint © Copyright & Trademarks of The SA Cannabis Exchange.

Important: Gold & Diamond Jewelry is not an 'investment' or sensible vehicle for wealth preservation even if you have 'a contact' in the industry. Simply put bullion or besides the few exceptions precious metals including refineries and institutions that could afford to purchase the required volumes had to have an unblemished trading history and then had to be invited to join the #LBMA - London Bullion Market

Association. Let me say that some of my facts may be incorrect as I studied this some time ago. My point here is the system & its regulations may have been pro-establishment & limiting but that is another discussion. Even before the world operated on the gold standard.

Imagine the Kings & Queens of England who begin producing Sovereigns since I guess the 17th century. A gold coin its weight 7.98 grams its weight 9.89% of ‘Pure gold’ not forgetting their likeness engraved onto the coin. There could be no error as if it was discovered that all the coins contained no gold whatsoever what would have become of the British Empire?  I guess Queen Victoria would have been a little more than embarrassed. So, a few refineries were established & with only a handful of reputable institutions like the Bank of England & the Royal Refinery etc.

Some things have changed thus I recommend sticking with certain refineries as some time last year a Indian company now based in Switzerland suddenly got invited to joint the LBMA after being accused of #Cocaine trafficking & know you can purchase 1 gram of designer bullion a term I made up as designer bullion should not exist. ‘Jewelry is designer gold’  In other words you purchase fancy looking gold for $10 000.00 if you weigh it and compare it to the current gold price per gram you will realize your fancy gift box cost $9800.00 (The cardboard/paper)

If you try sell the jewelry all you will get is is actual literal worth of $200.00 so you would need to live for a 1000 years just to get your money back. That is why when you look at jewels the collections are called the ‘Eternal Love’ or Lovers whatever’ its an emotional buy next time ask them for the investment collection or what the value of the gold is at today's gold price?

Stay away from @PAMP_SA #PAMP Switzerland. PAMP_TM

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Watch this space. We will add more info regarding Gold Bullion and investing. Another misconception is gold bullion is an investment when in truth you need to think about bullion as an alternate to keeping cash in the bank. More to follow.

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