Terms and Conditions:

The export of cannabis and related products this includes medical or value added preparations, bespoke orders and items. Our terms and conditions are simple however fundamental to our industry.
When it comes to quality, fraud and corruption those profiteers looking to make a fast buck. Our reputation and this includes our entire countries survival thus we take any complaint, late delivery no delivery or scheme's of any kind seriously so much so that unlike many 'so called' industry organizations who protect the 'criminal' business practices for example the theft of a Dot.co.za domain and the obvious corruption that exists within the government and or administration when no action be it criminal or otherwise; this rot even something that looks like a simple mistake will be investigated and that individual or entity will be forever banned. Funds and payments will be returned to the purchaser not in 3 months or 3 years but within 3 weeks with interest and compensation if your organization is unable to cover the costs drastic measures will be taken and you will be hung up as an example. We are offering a service unlike any other if our local companies do not act within our stipulated legal and moral responsibility this may upset and hinder or stunt the remaining honest business and the price and actions we as a group and industry will be severe as no one will threaten this opportunity for the rest of us. Unlike the Haga Haga Hotel who believe they can steal from customers and then repeat their criminal-action when the land and improvements are in their possession, not earned but due to the Apartheid system these yellow belly operators will feel the full legal weight of 1000 worlds app on their little heads. Time is simply an illusion as like a flash a moments calm the seas will open and take with them all that these criminal hold dear. We enable you and yours opportunities herein afforded to the few with it comes a responsibility.
If this freedom to provide great value and advantage to those supporters worldwide who are themselves risking their future in order to provide you will wealth beyond your imagination, this plays out over time. Those morally stunted individual those quick profit no care or consistency will be buried legally and their names etched into our memories thus lighten the load for the remaining honest business,

To those people who have the insight to recognize what is being offered please source 1 tone of Transkei Lights (Industrial Medical) Cannabis broken down into groups of 10 KG barrels for export.