Read this before you even think about purchasing gold, jewellery or bullion.

The worst investment you can make is Jewellery & Designer Bullion. To be totally honest I am sure you know when you buy a new car as you drive off the showroom floor you lose 15-30% some vehicles keep their value relatively speaking but never in 50 years in the motor trade have I ever experienced a loss like that of a Mahindra vehicle. Read Below





Important: Gold & Diamond ^Jewellery in our opinion may be considered a good investment ONLY when compared to investing in a Mahindra motor vehicle. More on that later but seriously have you ever noticed a jewellery store often creates collections? Here are a few examples. Please see if you notice any similarities?

  1. Love Eternal Collection
  2. Classical Love Collection
  3. The Royal Blue Collection
  4. My Forever Love Collection
  5. The Forgiveness Collection

Given I usually come up with much more realistic alluring and creative collections I apologize hoping it offers some insight or at least a little emotional sense. See for yourself pick up a cataloger or visit a jewellery store checkout their collections. I would advise a decent store not a Chinese mega-market or costume jewellery there we have it again why not just call it a ‘fake’ jewellery store.  At least you can enjoy a espresso or glass of Champagne while asking about the ‘Collections’ I bet you will not find “The investment collection” For the record I hope investment & Jewellery now & forever clash! However if you a criminal or the government decides to confiscate/steal all assets or some Political Hitler arrives & you need to get some money anything out the country & suitcase of Zimbabwean Dollars wont buy a cup of coffee or there is the risk of being shot if found with cash then firstly the middle class jewellery store at your local upmarket shopping center do not even carry worthy stones. Unless you are looking for an industrial diamond to use in Silicon Valle or to drill for oil. Another if you in the industry & genuinely know your stones & can buy from De Beers at realistic prices or better still have already got the stone great even if you lose 20% YOU HAVE IT MADE.

Continued: While a Toyota or Mercedes may lose 15-25% but then the value holds for at least 20 000 km or more. The Mahindra S10 - D/C 4x4 - 2018 - cost ZAR 370 000.00 besides having a salesman & dealership in Alberton, Johannesburg a prick who lied and cheated to get the sale. Plus knowingly fitting fake rims causing the electronics to fail & the warranty same. This brand new vehicle could not even park at a shopping center as the wheels rubbed against the metal. Its a long story but I tried 2 dealers Ford & Toyota & both dealers even being unaware of the illegal sale told me the same thing. With under 200 km on the clock I was told that they would happily do a trade-in for a new vehicle but that Mahindra have the worst resale value on the planet & I must not expect to receive anything close to ZAR 200 000.00.