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We have been testing multiple domains for example,,, plus around 200 others. To give you an idea I have added a few below.

The point I am trying to make is we were convinced having 4 websites. 'The cannabis exchange, the commodities exchange, the affordable retail site' etc.

Would result in the most hits or visitors obviously once adding all the visitors up from all the sites. I was proven wrong as we have been testing this for about 2 years.

For some reason with our 100 plus/minus social media pages and blogs we continued to get higher numbers from the single site but will all our domains pointing to this location.

That is why you may see multiple names and logos etc. Our plan has been or had been to create a high tech digital trading platform but we have a very mixed market or local producers range from individual growers to large 'relatively' pharmaceutical groups.

It is easy to see that our local market when its all legal will have some exciting coffee shops and dispensaries but if looking at the bigger picture we wanted to offer anyone in the cannabis and or related industry an affordable platform to promote their products whatever they may be.

We began to get quotes to upgrade the site to support merchants who would then literally do there own thing. Sell locally trade etc.The concept has not changed that much. We do not compete whatsoever. We do not grow cultivate manufacture anything, we only provide a free /low cost platform



or shoppers plus a medical section that offers info. regarding the what and how of the medicinal application.   

 Some time ago after providing stats from the sites now this is without any advertising just 'natural' readers or organic visitors lost souls I thought until it was pointed out that what we where receiving consistently 'low numbers' again without having upgraded the site and obviously not offering anything to buy or download etc. It turned out to be the perfect mix for export. If you are looking for a local SA retail website we may be able to assist in a few months but I am afraid not know!  South Africa I can even give you the regional report but simply has increased from about 2% - 15% sometimes even 25% but not often most of our readers are 

  1. Canada: Usually 65-70%
  2. USA: 25%-40%
  3. Mixed
  4. Mixed
  5. Mixed 

The rest worldwide. 


Note: Our recent arrangement with The Durban Poison Organization, The Durban Poison Co-op. known locally and the 'Dagga Co-op' of South Africa. Click Here to visit the Dagga Co-op! This enables all members to promote their products buy, sell, trade or publish whatever they like as their membership includes equity in all related business.

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