SACANEX™ 'SA (Official) Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange), Distributor & Retail Dispensary' is owned by members (shareholders) of SACEED™ 'SA Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development' Cooperative. We must prepare 420 War! A War 420 Economic Empowerment & Freedom. Choose your battle wisely! More importantly only fools rob 1000 rich people when there are 300 million much wealthier to rob? Better still use the 100 wealthy people as weapons against the 300 million. #1. Join't the Cooperative Society. We are CEE. Cannabis Economic Empowerment' Globally with over 260 million Dagga users worth almost 100 Billion USD. **Already a mature industry overseas. How can we compete? We have the answer. See About SACEED. This is literally a fight to survive & our only color is Green! Click Here!



SACEED *Coop. - 'The South African Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development *Cooperative.'

The Co-operative Society:

Society: The Next Stage of Human History, explore the hypothesis that humans may be on the threshold of a new historical stage, one characterized by cooperation, democracy, the equitable distribution of resources, and a sustainable relationship with nature. We evaluate a number of ways in which we are moving closer to such a society. The final section of the book focuses on actions we can take as individuals, communities, and countries to increase the likelihood that such a transition will occur in the 21st century.

Some of our positive findings:

We have enough food to feed our species. We are living longer and have better healthcare than ever before. Fewer people are living in extreme poverty. About half of us live in democracies. The level of conflict around the world is near its lowest level in 5,000 years. We have the tools to stabilize our climate if we commit to using them with urgency during the next several decades.

Some of our negative findings:

Extreme economic and political inequality continue unabated. The emotional teenager is representative of many governments and business with more money than they can spend in many lifetimes but still will do whatever it takes for more money for no other purpose than egoistic pleasure. They will break laws if they believe they will get away with it and commit fraud same. This is the disease of the wealthy animal or teenager with an egoistic fear of death that whispers more more it will make me immortal. The actions define them spiritually & they have but one soul. Exactly as the base animal. The Co-op. is our best chance for macro or wide spread economic empowerment but subject to governments that are honest Romans. Serving their country first for if I am only for myself What am I? For one thing you are not Human. Despite our ability to avoid a climate catastrophe, we are not yet taking adequate steps to do so.

From the book’s Conclusion:

We as a species are not destined to destroy ourselves and our planet. We can make the transition from a destructive and divisive society to one of cooperation. And we can make major progress on that transition between now and 2030 if we unite in our efforts keep business private with no state control however move forward with technology having our best & brightest introduce new regulations to detect fraud & corruption before it is the cause of devolving young & mature democracies alike. If we do nothing to the mature may democracy may survive but the young or new democracy will implode into anarchy. .” 

*Cooperative (Co-op.) herein refers to a class of company with specific safety limits and or tax benefits for members. In-corp. in Southern Africa. Note: It has no connection to the real estate Cooperative commonly found in the USA used to invest in real estate.

Courtesy: SACEED 'The SA Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development *Cooperative. Parent of The Durban Poison Organization & SACANEX The SA (Official) Cannabis Exchange. 

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We guarantee that all buyers receive original product/s 'their order' as described by their Durban-Poison specialist website. Only the highest quality product & ‘good delivery’ We will do whatever it takes legally to keep our brands reputation untarnished in any way whatsoever that means constant pro-active improvement & innovation adding value.
The Durban Poison Organization® do not cultivate, grow or produce cannabis or related products whatsoever!  Important. Only members of SACEED™ (The Dagga Co-op.) Can apply for an (Official) license to produce our original and (Official) products under license.  There is no payment required nor fee for membership. All members are equal shareholders in all SACEED endeavors. T & C Apply. Read More
All our products are guaranteed original and sourced only from registered members (shareholders) of the Co-op. Say No to Fakes! Mandated by President Nelson Mandela. Powered by SACEED, ‘Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ 



SACEED - The South African Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development. 


SACANEX® & The Durban Poison Organization® are owned by the members of SACEED (The Dagga Co-op.) *All South Africans are welcome to apply for membership.

All members (shareholders) have voting rights & can influence the entire cannabis/medical cannabis industry both locally & globally. Without the power to make the most basic decisions the human being suffers consequences like those of the Apartheid system.

I believe this 'slave' mentality becomes hardwired and shared across generations. One could say 'Slave DNA' is the ultimate reason why no amount of money or advertising can lift the poorest communities out of poverty as this belief is the only truth that makes sense viz the outcome must live up to the negative belief.  If some individuals begun to earn real money in these areas they would even be seen as outcasts. Those persons would then leave the community as the community would begin to see these 'earners' as mentally or divinely evil. In other words no amount of outside empowerment or investments will lead to change as time will yet again return the surroundings to this ill normality. 

There is one way to change ones DNA and that must come from the engine or emotions most important is for the collective brain to steer these emotions until each individual can once again or probably finally steer back onto the highway.

What motivation exists to promote the highway joining Port Edward to East London when one has no vehicle? With 1000+ individuals literally overnight locals the peers of the community receive shares worth ZAR 10 000.00 plus provide 60 x 100% increase in incomes imagine their peers driving expensive new vehicles. Greed may not be attractive but it is a powerful motivator for another 10 000 success stories. Taking from John to pay Paul what stupidity. 

Its as simple as applying for membership to SACEED The Dagga Co-op.



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From our Durban Poison and Transkei Estates, this is the birthplace of President Nelson Mandela, this region alone covers some 25 000 miles’ squared.

Our diverse climate and beautiful scenery will leave you no choice but to source all your weed no matter your requirements our growers must be the most knowledgeable as cannabis birth and the weed natural love for our land since time immemorial it goes without saying that a little assistance from like-minded ‘friends’ from Israel, Canada & the USA., who for their own personal reasons have joined our economic revolution selfless in the sense all financial & economic empowerment the sustainable growth so desperately needed in our country is now possible. We are confident South Africans will produce & BEE & CEE the weed basket whether outdoor, indoor our famous brands or your bespoke high security estate we can make it happen.




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Transkei™ in Xhosa literally means ‘The Lands North of the River Kei’ Read about Apartheid the Holocaust & in c. 1950 the Boer criminals Erika & Hannu Lombard stole & murdered for money & how God punished them! However, the cruelty of the Boers led to the founding of The Transkei™ Brand & Group of Companies & CEE ‘Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ mandated by President Nelson Mandela.

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