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Transkei Poison™ 'The Prince of Wales' is indistinguishable from the (Official) Durban Poison ZA™ Why may more!


Transkei Poison™ 'The Prince of Wales' also known as Pondo Poison™ is indistinguishable from the (Official) Durban Poison ZA™ - Why Pay More! This is the Salmon Trout or Méthode Champenoise

also known as Pondo Poison™ isDurbanPoison ZA™ the worlds leading 'genetic'  Luxury Sativa besides being a stand alone brand is genetically  is the the world  

@TranskeiPoison #TranskeiPoison

Transkei Lights™ is a *Meda (Sativa). *Meda - Meta-cannabis strains engineered for specific medicinal applications. Human Trials have proved successful in both their intended applications. To reduce the amounts of opiate use in specific pain management and same in the medical aspect of 'addiction' to opiates  UNDER CONSTRUCTION ...   This is pain management  hisGenerally speaking  the Primarily Transkei Lights was developed to supplement thus reduce the use  primarily in the reduction of synthetic Morphine ( Opiod  in reducing pain management  in their chosen in    villey Contact The Transkei Group for details) Under supervision of trusted medical professionals Human Tests on willing opiate  strain's medical and pharmaceutical value. Cultivated and processed exclusively on the Transkei Estates. Currently protected by the highly effective Durban Poison Organization. Including 24/7/365 CCTV of your entire facility. Bespoke and licensed partnerships will hopefully retain DeBeers, the multi-billion dollar organization who mine, control & provide integrated security for around 80% of the worlds diamonds. 

Your Expectation: mission Your companies long term profitability is our mission. Therefore your supplier, including trade and strategy will always remain unknown. This egic plans will at all times remain remains unknown same any information not only your strategic   whatever strategy your supplier    thus your strategy,   sole purpose. Our mission and purpose is your long term in itself is selfish  is your term When it comes to your securing your intellectual & agricultural property there is no room for emotion. Simply no other organization have the literal resources, not forgetting the group is based in South Africa and not many diamonds manage to outsmart them. We trust your investments security simply based on their undisputed reputation.


Currently almost all regional cannabis is toxic! In other words if you pay $1.00 or $100 000.00 for cannabis flower or pressed you have generally speaking less than 0.1% of receiving a product that will do more healing than harm. These have been the facts. 

The Durban & Transkei Estates only test and provide reports from independent labs., never have toxins or traces thereof been found. 

Active Ingredients: 

Transkei Poison™ 'The Prince of Sativa' is a standalone luxury Sativa and the best 'generic' Durban Poison on the planet. You will not be able to distinguish between them. The only difference is it cannot be called, sold or promoted as (Official) Durban Poison ZA


  • The purchase price is $2.68 (USD) per gram x 10 000 Grams or 10 KG. 
  • Samples and full reports available on request.
  • All legal/paperwork will be included in the purchase price. 
  • All product must be exported out of South Africa. 

Firstly, most of what is published on the web is not accurate or completely fraudulent. Thus, reserve our rights to not publishing any/all reports furthermore providing names of labs (Independent) for reasons of security & safety. We are more than happy to provide samples for private testing. We suggest at least 2 (two) independent labs be used if chosen by an agreed contractual & reputable 3rd party. This is assuming you are interested in sourcing, outsourcing or exclusive agent in your country or region. Contact Transkei Healthcare Email:


*Transkei Poison™ @TranskeiPoison is the Luxury Sativa is indistinguishable from DurbanPoison ZA™ Why may more!    

The Transkei Group™ (Not for profit) cultivate luxury & medical cannabis and develop bespoke medical products on behalf of private clients worldwide. The Transkei Group™ For more information regarding The Transkei Group™ Transkei Estates™ & CEE 'Cannabis Economic Empowerment' Click Here


The Transkei Group™ (Not for profit) cultivate luxury & medical cannabis and develop bespoke medical products on behalf of private clients worldwide. The Transkei Group™ For more information regarding The Transkei Group™ Transkei Estates™ & CEE 'Cannabis Economic Empowerment' Click Here

*SACOMEX are exclusive global agents for The Transkei Group™ Readers and interested persons are welcome to contact The Transkei Group directly for bespoke directives and or information. Email: or

The Transkei Group™ have perfected their brands over 35 years and are protected trademarks worldwide. These include but are not limited to Transkei Poison™ Pondo Poison™ Transkei Lights™ Transkei Fire™ & Transkei Vape™ The Transkei Group™ is vertically integrated thus all cultivation & production take place ‘exclusively’ on their Transkei Estates™ covering 15 000 miles 2 of probably the most pristine, unspoiled, unpolluted virgin coastline on Earth. 'Cannabis Eden' The birthplace of President Nelson Mandela. THC, Transkei Health Care™ CEE ‘Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ mandated by President Nelson Mandela. 

THC, Transkei Health Care™(Official) or the Transkei Group @TranskeiGroup has recently been acquired by The Durban Poison Organization™ Website: www.transkei.comCopyright & Trademarks 1985 - 2018 © Durban Poison Organization™ 

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