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About Us


The SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange) was founded as business  trading and export portal for all cannabis & related products. 
It has developed & is know accessible to all South Africans if you would like to sell one gram or you promoting your services to Fortune 500 companies. From classified ads to real time digital trading (Beta) 
Pricing & Costs 
Plus its free for members & individuals even if you request our legal or logistics services. We do not compete. cultivate or produce products or services whatsoever. We are here to promote your products & services. Our mandate is to assist you grow your business. for the growth assistance if you are in the retail market the best place to start is the Dagga Store *The Dagga Store has been acquired by Mvrketplace, 'My Virtual Marketplace.' The benefits speak for themselves. Much wider audience and still you & I will never pay for adverting or sales. In fact that was one of our primary conditions. 
Members will never pay for using the exchange or the virtual marketplace.  Get your business a boost by listing yourself on the Dagga Maps Please be patient as we are upgrading all the websites so the listing form will still take some time. You are welcome to email us with the details and address or whatever details you feel comfortable listing.


The SA Cannabis Exchange or 'Dagga-Exchange' offer members all the benefits of ownership without the high setup costs. From the Dagga Cloud you can build a site with direct access to the exchange & store to promote & advertise products, links & services. You have access 24/7 to update your listings. You can create bespoke email addresses use your own domain or secure exclusive use of any domain in the exchange pool. Membership is free and includes many other benefits. Contact 1@daggamail.com to secure your future.