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SACANEX™ 'SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange),
SACANEX™ 'SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange), Trade, Exchange, Distribute (B2B) E commerce ‘Affordable’ Retail Dispensary (B2C). Owned & operated by members (shareholders) of SACEED™ 'SA Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development' Cooperative. With over 260 million Dagga users. Worldwide legal market of almost 100 Billion (USD) in sales. We have been handed and opportunity to right the economic wrongs caused by Apartheid. Why do you think the Afrikaner National Party feared *Dagga Cannabis they went to extreme measures to destroy every plant including food crops for fear that Dagga hid itself among them.

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SACEED, 'SA Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development Cooperative' was mandated by Nelson Mandela and remains our primary motivation for SACANEX. The SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange) and Dagga Coop. Our mission to economic empowerment. 

In order for empowerment to have any real benefit we have developed specific conditions of incorporation without these it is yet another scheme for personal gain. One such example is the Non-profit company. 

Membership is Ownership. Apply for membership. All members receive an equal amount of equity (shareholders) and votes. 100% Free claim your stake in the Dagga Exchange & Durban Poison Group ZA  Available to South Africans Free. Note Only 2000 applications will be accepted of these ...  Click Here! (Coming Soon) Advertise Free. Place a classified Advert in the MVRKETPLACE. 'My Virtual Marketplace' SPECIALIZES in cannabis and related products & services. You can place a classified advert in minutes. Coming Soon.  is set to take advantage of VR 'Virtual Reality'  

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