The SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga-Exchange) have accepted the offer from the worlds greatest Free Marketplace.

Thank you for your patience while we consider the options that will best support all South Africans involved in the Cannabis Industry. Members of the SA Cannabis Exchange, (Dagga-Exchange) and the believe SA-Cannabis Must be part and parcel of the global cannabis industry, when KWV was founded in 1918, literally every member of the then KWV 'Boer' grape farmers coop.'s income increase by 500% that was only in the first 12 months this was due directly to the economics of scale, we need to be and have the resources of a fortune 500 company in order to compete intelligently and can only do this by controlling at least 13.9% of the worlds luxury cannabis market. The Free Marketplace will be Block-chain, that means decentralized and owned in equal equity share blocks by every single member. Marketplace.Gratis exclusive offers for SACANEX & Durban Poison. As you know our popular based on the number of visitors to our Shopify websites this includes the SA Cannabis Exchange SACANEX and The Durban Poison Organization. Two stand alone websites held under the SACEED Cooperative 'Cannabis Economic Empowerment' Mandated by Nelson Mandela for the economic empowerment primarily of the many talented rural growers and their communities. I apologize for the delay as these Google Site pages are meant to keep the endeavor alive while our bespoke trading & Co-op. website & platform are completed the Singaporean software group seems to have failed superbly in this endeavor. 
NYSE Cannabis is a global industry 1200

SACANEX™ 'SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange),
SACANEX™ 'SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange), Trade, Exchange, Distribute (B2B) E commerce ‘Affordable’ Retail Dispensary (B2C). Owned & operated by members (shareholders) of SACEED™ 'SA Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development' Cooperative. With over 260 million Dagga users. Worldwide legal market of almost 100 Billion (USD) in sales. We have been handed and opportunity to right the economic wrongs caused by Apartheid. Why do you think the Afrikaner National Party feared *Dagga Cannabis they went to extreme measures to destroy every plant including food crops for fear that Dagga hid itself among them.

Benefits of Membership

*Free Membership. No credit cards!

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Block-Chain Upgrade

SACEED, 'SA Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development Cooperative' was mandated by Nelson Mandela and remains our primary motivation for SACANEX. The SA Cannabis Exchange (Dagga Exchange) and Dagga Coop. Our mission to economic empowerment. 

In order for empowerment to have any real benefit we have developed specific conditions of incorporation without these it is yet another scheme for personal gain. One such example is the Non-profit company. 

Membership is Ownership. Apply for membership. All members receive an equal amount of equity (shareholders) and votes. 100% Free claim your stake in the Dagga Exchange & Durban Poison Group ZA  Available to South Africans Free. Note Only 2000 applications will be accepted of these ...  Click Here! (Coming Soon) Advertise Free. Place a classified Advert in the MVRKETPLACE. 'My Virtual Marketplace' SPECIALIZES in cannabis and related products & services. You can place a classified advert in minutes. Coming Soon.  is set to take advantage of VR 'Virtual Reality'
  The Durban-Poison Organisation together with Durban Poison ZA have agreed to make The Free their official platform to trade worldwide   

The shocking truth of the theft by FNB and Adobe on a South African woman. 
We call for 100% Ban on all Adobe products in South-Africa. How many pensioners have Adobe mistakenly 'stolen' money from? Let it be known, I refer to this as theft as I believe mistakes on this level do sometimes happen but after informing both FNB, 'First National Bank' and Adobe not once, but at least 5 times and even reported it to the legal departments and debit departments with all the details nothing was ever done. Fancy Tweets from #Adobe apologised this was a promotional Tweet the truth be told they did nothing, no refunds no cancellation of the debit as these two powerhouses blamed each other like little children while the poor woman lost everything including her #FNB account and all her money! #Adobe and #FNB shame of you! The worst of it must have been her other debits returned unpaid causing the loss of all her products and services that may have been provided from the same institution. Debit after debit theft after theft I think it is reasonable to classify this as theft after both institutions took no action to stop the debits never mind the refunding of same.
Visit Marketplace Gratis and share your truth in our rating and review platform (Beta)

Durban Poison ZA®  & Durban Poison Estates®  are trademarks in over 30 countries & territories. For Worldwide Distribution Email: or  - Contact Durban Email: Copyright © 1835-2019. Durban Poison Organization® Founder Sir Ben. Alfred DUrban & The Zulu King. © Copyright The South African Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development Cooperative. Mandated by President Nelson Mandela. SACANEX, 'SA Cannabis Exchange' (Dagga Exchange)  Copyright ©1835-2019. Durban Poison Organization®

Adobe knowingly steals from the poorest South Africans

Say No to Adobe Products. #Adobe are stealing money from the poorest South Africans! Adobe ignore all our requests to stop and refund what they have stolen. We will create a global social media storm and not stop. Ban All @Adobe Products in Africa. Slavery has been abolished. This kind of behaviour would never be alloweed in the Wetern Countries.   #AdobeCrime How many mistaken accounts do they debit? This has now become a criminal matter. Adobe ignore all requests to refund monies stolen. Not to mention they continue debiting pensioners in South Africa. Bank: FNB. Amounts over ZAR 340.00 every month about one third the pensioners income being stolen without a care in the world by a billion dollar American Company. We demand santions and justice.  regarding payback of monies on fraudulent debits. Pensioners in South Africa who do not even own a computer are being debited every-month and Adobe ignore this causing people to go hungry! Adobe is a cruel fraudulent US company. #Adobe. #AdobeGetOutofAfrica
#Adobe continue to debit accounts and ignore all communications. This is happening in real time every month we will not accept this. Save the poorest humans beings Adobe-abuse treat them like slaves. Those old people who cannot even use a smartphone never mind not owning or able to use a computer. not notice are unable to protect themselves. that @Abobe use to carry on lifting themselves out of the red. #Crimes-Against-Humanity. See: #Adobeabuse have been abusing the elderly in Africa to bolster their bottom line. #Bloodpdf of #Adobe. We call on Sanctions for all Adobe products. #AdobeCrime
#Adobe has blood on their hands. Say No to All Adobe Products

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